Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Week Four: Contemporary Kiwis (2000 - Present): Day 1: Turn of the Century (2000-2010)

Activity 1:  Celebrating a Win
When we have a birthday in my family we do something different for each on
my sisters birthday we go out for tea, for my birthday we make tea ourselves
and put candles on it last year I had nachos

Activity 2: Lord of the Rings
I would buy lots of animals and start my own pet shop because I love animals

Bonus Activity: The Rise of the ‘Selfie’

Monday, 22 January 2018

Week Three: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999): Day 5: Maintaining the Status Quo (The 1990’s)

Activity 1: Hiking Tongariro
Food and plenty of fluid, especially in the summer months. If you are planning on completing any of the summit tracks, ensure you have additional water supplies.
Waterproof and wind-proof raincoat and trousers
Strong, sturdy boots (you will be trekking over uneven volcanic terrain)
Warm clothing layers: woollen or polypropylene thermals and fleece
Hat and gloves
Sunscreen and sunglasses
First Aid Kit
How to stay safe
1. Plan your trip
Seek local knowledge and plan the route you will take and the amount of time
you can reasonably expect it to take.
2. Tell someone
Tell someone your plans and leave a date to raise the alarm if you haven’t
3. Be aware of the weather
New Zealand’s weather can be highly changeable. Check the forecast and
expect weather changes.
4. Know your limits
Challenge yourself within your physical limits and experience.
5. Take sufficient supplies
Make sure you have enough food, clothing, equipment and emergency rations
for the worst-case scenario. Take an appropriate means of communication.

Activity 2: Leading New Zealand

Leading New Zealand
Week 3, Day 5 (Bonus Activity)

Name of Prime Minister: Jenny Shipley
Date of Birth: 4 February 1952

Political Party: National
Number of Years as Prime Minister: 7 years
Three interesting facts about my chosen Prime Minister:
1.She grew up in rural Canterbury
2.After leaving Parliament, Shipley and husband Burton moved to Auckland
3.National’s ratings slumped as voters asked what had become of ‘the decent society’ Bolger promised in 1990

Bonus Activity: You Have to Pay to

You should have to pay to go to uni because if you really want to do something
and you have to study then the people helping you study won’t get any money
even though the help you for a long time

Week 3: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999): Day 4: Perms and Lycra (The 1980’s)

Activity 1: Hairy Maclary
“Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy…”

He went to the butchers to get a quick snack. When he was coming back other
dogs followed. Oh No he thought I must act quick. So off he ran the dog all
followed. So with a kick and a flick. There was three dogs left. What should I do
he thought. He just a brick wall and one dog was left. He went through a bush
and that got rid of him. So make home he went it was Hairy Maclary from
Donaldson’s Dairy.

Activity 2: The Big ‘OE’
I want to go to Canada
  1. To see arctic foxes
  2. To go skiing
  3. To go ice skating

Bonus Activity: The 4 O’Clock News
I would like to interview my mum

I want to ask her what school was like when she was young

Week 3: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999): Day 3: Groovy Man (The 1970’s)

Activity 1: Ready to Roll
  1. Ray Columbus and the Invaders
  2. Golden Harvest
  3. New Zealand Underdogs

Activity 2: Bell Bottom Pants
I like
  1. The skirts
  2. The shoes
I don't like
  1. The pants
  2. The bright colours

Bonus Activity: A Bilingual Schooling
To Miss Elvidge
I think that we should always have pet day because sometimes people buy
trailers and stuff that they will need on pet day then it gets cancels.
What a waste of money!
From Lucy

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Week 3: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999): Day 2: Peace Out! (The 1960s)

Activity 1: The Dawn of Television
My favourite TV program is art attack
It is about art and it shows you how to recycle old stuff around the house
It is on channel 2
The main person is Lloyd who makes all the art

Activity 2: Rock ‘n’ Roll
  1. The crowd hat to be keep behind a wire fence
  2. The band hat to go in the bottle shop entrance to get into there hotel
  3. At one stage it looked like the fence would collapse

Bonus Activity: The Three Rs - Rugby,
Racing and Running

Week 3: The Post War(s) Era (1951-1999): Day 1: White Picket Fences (The 1950s)

Activity 1: Meat and Three Veg
I think I would not like the rule because I hate meat
But it is a good rule.

Activity 2: What’s in a Name?


Bonus Activity: Snail Mail

Week 2: A Period of Change (1871 - 1950): Day 5: Coming to an End

Activity 1: VE Day!
All my family and friends would come we would have a bonfire and then walk
down to the beach and play with the pets.

Activity 2: Making a Fashion Statement
The styles are very different I think I like the clothes from the 1940s In 65 years
I think all the clothes will be neon colours and attract lots of butterflies

Bonus Activity: Sweet Tooth

Apple pie

Line a tin with pastry chop up apple and put it in sprinkle with cinnamon
cover with more pastry cook for 25 - 30 minutes