Sunday, 21 January 2018

Week 3: Day 2: Peace Out! (The 1960s)

Activity 1: The Dawn of Television
My favourite TV program is art attack
It is about art and it shows you how to recycle old stuff around the house
It is on channel 2
The main person is Lloyd who makes all the art

Activity 2: Rock ‘n’ Roll
  1. The crowd hat to be keep behind a wire fence
  2. The band hat to go in the bottle shop entrance to get into there hotel
  3. At one stage it looked like the fence would collapse

Bonus Activity: The Three Rs - Rugby, Racing and Running

Week 3: Day 1: White Picket Fences (The 1950s)

Activity 1: Meat and Three Veg
I think I would not like the rule because I hate meat
But it is a good rule.

Activity 2: What’s in a Name?


Bonus Activity: Snail Mail

Week 2: Day 5: Coming to an End

Activity 1: VE Day!
All my family and friends would come we would have a bonfire and then walk
down to the beach and play with the pets.

Activity 2: Making a Fashion Statement
The styles are very different I think I like the clothes from the 1940s In 65 years
I think all the clothes will be neon colours and attract lots of butterflies

Bonus Activity: Sweet Tooth

Apple pie

Line a tin with pastry chop up apple and put it in sprinkle with cinnamon
cover with more pastry cook for 25 - 30 minutes

Week 2: Day 4: Another World War (1939-1945)

Activity 1: An Eventful Experience
1. Sgt. Pilot J.A. Ward (75 Squadron) awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry
during attack on Munster. First New Zealand airman to receive this award.
(Later killed in action September 1941.)
  • Who: James Allen Ward
  • Where: Munster, Germany
2.  New Zealand government agrees to keep 2 NZEF in the Middle East to be
available for operations in Europe. A furlough scheme for those with long
service in the Middle East is decided upon. The division in the Pacific to be
  • Who: New Zealand government, 2 NZEF
  • Where: New Zealand?

Activity 2:  A Call to Arms
J.A. Ward
When his Vickers Wellington bomber was set alight by an enemy fighter plane,
Ward climbed out onto the burning wing (several thousand feet in the air) and
smothered the fire. Although he was unable to block the leaking petrol pipe
that was feeding it, the fire eventually burnt itself out and the badly damaged
bomber limped back to base.

Bonus Activity: Women at Work
One day you are walking along the deck of the ship when you hear a loud bang. You start to
run as you see smoke coming from the far end of the ship. You run towards the room where your
patients are waiting to receive treatment from the doctor. Just as you arrive at the door to their
room you hear another loud bang and you…

Run inside to treat your patients as another loud bang is Heard. Inside you feel
safe as you treat the patients. As you work there are more loud bangs you
start to feel scared what are those loud bangs? Suddenly you realise that they
could be bombs. You treat your patients as fast as possible while your heart
is pounding in you chest. Why would there be bombs you ask yourself.
Another ship you think that's what they would be. Soon after you think that the
ship starts sinking oh no will you survive. You start swimming as fast as
possible. Soon you are on dry land.
You are exhausted.

Week 2: Day 3: The Great Depression (The 1930s)

Activity 1: Dealing with Stress
When I need to calm down I talk to Shilly my cat because talking to an animal
means that they can tell someone else

Activity 2: Offering a Helping Hand
  1. Do a dance show
  2. Turn the house into a hotel
  3. Build a petting zoo

Bonus Activity: Paying it Forward

  • Pets
  • Fruit
  • Chocolate
  • Clothes
  • Games
  • Sweets

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Week 2: Day 2: The Roaring 20’s (The 1920s)

Activity 1: Popular Culture – The
Silent Movie
I think I would like to watch a silent film because nobody would be talking so I
would not get a headache

Activity 2: Art Deco
5 stars because It looks very realistic

Bonus Activity: Crossing the Tasman
Really tired
Cansado (really tired)


Week 2: Day 1: The Early Years (Late 1800s – 1919)

Activity 1: St Joseph’s Cathedral
Name: Cathedral Church of Christ
When it was built: Between 1864 and 1904
How long did it take to build:
Where is the cathedral: Christchurch Central City

Activity 2: The Right to Vote
It is not fair because everybody has the right to say what they think

Bonus Activity: In Flanders Fields

It makes me feel sad because my great, great, great granddad where in the war
but it also makes me feel thankful to everybody that thought for New Zealand.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Week 1: Day 5: The Dawn of a New Era…

Activity 1: Translating Phrases

Welcome to New Zealand.
Nau mai ki Aotearoa.
Lucy is my name.
Ko Lucy toku ingoa.
What is your name?
He aha to ingoa?
I like to play rugby.
He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro.
Where do you come from?
No hea koe?

Activity 2: The Treaty of Waitangi
  1. You can see the treaty of Waitangi
  2. You can see live kapa haka performances
  3. You can take a tour along the Waitangi River
I would like to take a tour along the Waitangi river most

Bonus Activity: #EarnTheFern

  1. How can you have time to train for two sports at once?
  2. Which was your favourite?
  3. What team were you in for rugby?
  4. How long have you been doing heavyweight boxing?

Week 1: Day 4: Hitting a High Note…

Activity 1: The Waiata - A Song in Your
My favourite was Maramataka because it has a nice rhythm to it

Activity 2: Playing Games
Name: Poi Rakau
Goal: To always catch the stick
2 rules: 1. No digging the stick into the ground. 2. No holding the stick

Bonus Activity: Musical Festivals –
  1. Tamatea Arikinui
  2. Te Puku o Te Ika
  3. Te Iti Kahurangi

I gave these the rankings I did because of the rhythm

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Week 1: Day 3: It’s All In The Family

Activity 1: The More, the Merrier?
I would not like to live in a family of nine children because it would be to much
noise for me to read and I would get a headache

Activity 2: Acknowledging Ancestry
Ko Mt Alexander  te maunga    The mountain that I affiliate* to is…
Ko New river te awa          The river that I affiliate to is….
Ko ________________________ te waka The waka that I affiliate to is…
Ko ________________________ tōku tīpuna My founding ancestor is…
Ko McKay  tōku iwi          My tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku hapu My sub-tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku marae My marae is…
Ko Greymouth ahau I am from…
Ko Heather  rāua ko Kelvin ōku mātua  My parents are … and …
Ko Lucy  tōku ingoa. My name is …

Bonus Activity: Fun Family Facts
Mum: Swimming, going on holidays
Ruby: Swimming, staying in the shade
Grandma: Swimming, spending time with the grandchildren

Week 1: Day 2: It's All In A Day's Work

Activity 1: A House or a Home?
Similarities: 1. It has a roof.    2. It has walls.

Differents: 1. It has calvings.    2. It has stone around the doorway.

Activity 2: The Rules of Engagement

Bonus Activity: Special Meals

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Week 1: Day 1: Arriving In New Zealand…

Activity 1: The First Settlers
  1. Maui caught the north island
  2. Maui’s canoe was the south island
3.Maui hid in the canoe so he could go fishing with his brothers

I have heard the story Maui and the sun
I have also heard the story of Matariki

Activity 2: Setting Sail
On my voyage, it was very pretty but very nerve-racking the sites of
New Zealand were beautiful.

Bonus Activity: Waka Ama

I would not like to be in a waka ama race because I don’t like going on boats.