Thursday, 6 July 2017

I made the cookies

WALT to show not tell
I enjoyed finding a photo
I found challenging thinking of new things to write

My Term 2 Emoji

WALT make an emoji to show our term
I enjoyed the disco because the seniors got limbo and we got to stay up longer
I found it challenging to run the cross country because it was much longer this year
I thought it was easy to make the emoji because everything was in the same place under categories.
It was fun making the emoji because we could add anything
  I have cat ears because I have a cat and I like cat's
I choose a blue mouth because I love berries and together they turn blue
I choose hair in a side ponytail because this term I have had my hair like that a lot
I put the letters there so they can spell my name
I put snowflakes and sparkles in my hair because I got hair accessories
I choose the glowing heart because I got lots of glowing items
I choose pinkish purplish eyes and blue eyebrows because they are cute and I like cute things
I choose the blue bow with a blue rhinestone because I like bows bows with rhinestones andI like blue


WALT make a slide explaining Matariki
I enjoyed making the animation
I found challenging finding new photos for my animation